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Income Tax

Military retirement is tax-free.

Property Tax Exemption

An other-than-dishonorably discharged resident Maine veteran who served during wartime and is 62 years or older; or, is receiving 100% VA disability; or, became 100% disabled while serving, is eligible for a $6,000 property tax exemption. Un-remarried surviving spouses are also eligible.

Paraplegic veterans, and their qualifying spouses are eligible for up to a $50,000 property tax exemption.


State Employment preference points shall be added to passing examination scores for state employment.

Honorably discharged veterans get a 5 point preference, 10 percent or greater disabled veterans get a 10 point preference. Spouses may be eligible as well.


Maine offers a 100 percent waiver of tuition and all fees at state schools for dependents of Maine veterans who are permanently and totally disabled, died of a service connected disability, or was killed in action.

This benefit applies to dependents of Maine veterans who entered the service from Maine or has been a resident for 5 years immediately preceding application for aid and, if living, continues to reside in Maine throughout the duration of benefits administered under the educational

Spouses have 10 years from the date of first entrance to complete the program, children have 6 academic years from the date of first entrance to complete 8 semesters.




Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

A disabled veteran who has a service connected disability evaluated at 50% or more may obtain a complimentary license to fish, trap, hunt, including archery, muzzle load, bear, migratory bird, pheasant, spring/fall wild turkey, coyote night hunt, crossbow, one expanded archery antler less deer permit, and upon meeting the qualifications, a license to guide.

This license is available to residents of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

This license(s) remains valid for the life of the license holder, as long as the license holder continues to satisfy the residency requirements.

State Park Admission Fees

Any Maine veteran with an other-than-dishonorable discharge gets free admission to all of Maine’s state parks and historic sites.

Maine residents who are enlisted active duty members and their dependents also receive free admission to state parks and historic sites.

Active Duty Military Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Active duty Maine residents, and their dependents, can buy a discounted hunting, fishing, or combination hunting and fishing license.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Non-Resident Active Duty Members

Any military member stationed in Maine, as well as their dependents,  can pay the resident fee for a hunting, fishing, or trapping license.


The Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery System consists of four cemeteries. One of which is located in Caribou, two in Augusta and one in Springvale. Burial is free of charge to veterans with an other-than-dishonorable discharge as well as their dependents.

Visit the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services website for more information on any of these programs.



Delegates heard compelling speeches by Democratic candidates for Governor and the Second Congressional District, as well as many others.  At the conclusion of the convention, Democrats went home from Lewiston fired up to elect Democrats this November.

During the Platform Committee process prior to the Convention, the existing plank opposing the private East West Corridor was dropped.  After a vote of our members at a county committee meeting, we managed to get the plank back on the agenda.

At the convention, Hancock County got this matter addressed as the first item considered on the floor of the convention.  We made the case with help from the Piscataquis County Democratic Committee.  We explained that we are not opposing progress or public transportation projects to benefit Mainers.  We are opposing a private, corporate boondoogle intended to benefit Canadians at the expense of Maine’s environment and economy.  We explained that the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Maine Small Business Coalition are with us on this issue.  WE WON THE VOTE ON THE FLOOR.  Thank you, HCDC members, who supported our efforts!

Hancock County delegates at the State Convention elected new members to the State Committee.  These members will serve until the next State Convention in 2020.

Members: Sandy Snow, Surry

Loren Snow, Surry

Stephen York, Stonington

Alternate: Gary Pinder, Brooklin

All About $5 Clean Election Contributions

Maine Clean Election Funding Explained:

Video is less than 2 minutes

Clean Election Contributions Needed

$5.00 Contributions Needed to fund this campaign


EMERGENCY (YES, a real one!)

Due to obstructionism by Maine’s House Republicans, the legislature failed to complete actions to fund Maine’s Clean Elections program for the 2018 elections.

Candidates must now collect all their $5 donations to the Clean Elections fund well before June 30.  If they don’t, they won’t receive full funding and they will be seriously disadvantaged running against traditionally financed candidates.  Any funds must be disbursed by June 30, which means you should make your donation by June 20. 

Why this matters so much: Most Democratic legislative candidates in Hancock County are running as Clean Elections candidates. For each additional 15 qualifying $5 donations, House candidates receive $1,275 to a maximum of 180 qualifying contributions.  For each additional 45 qualifying $5 contributions, Senate candidates receive $10,200 to a maximum of 535 qualifying contributions. This means they need to collect as many $5 donations to the Clean Elections fund as possible – NOW.  Delays may seriously damage their ability to wage effective campaigns against traditionally financed Republican candidates.

If you have already donated, thank you!  if you have been waiting …

 Just click here:  www.maine.gov/cleanelections 

  1. Hit the green  Contribute  button,
  2. Fill in your name and address so they know you are a registered voter,
  3. Hit the green  Continue  button,
  4. Follow directions to contribute $5 to each candidate of your choice.

It really is that easy. So just DO IT!

An excellent explanation of the problem was presented by the League of Women Voters:

Funding for Clean Elections

One of the bills caught in the crossfire is LD 1894 An Act To Correct Errors and Inconsistencies in the Laws of Maine. There was a drafting error regarding funding for Clean Elections in the biennial budget passed at the 11th hour last summer. Because of the way that budget bill was worded regarding the early transfer of $3 million from FY 2019 to FY 2018, the error prevents the Ethics Commission from disbursing money to candidates from the Maine Clean Election Fund after the end of this fiscal year, June 30, 2018.

To make matters worse, it now appears that candidates participating in the Clean Elections program will not be allowed to raise private money to make up the difference. The Maine Clean Election Act provides that participating candidates may raise private money to finish their campaigns IF the fund runs out of money. In this twisted circumstance, the fund is NOT out of money. The fund HAS plenty of money. But the Ethics Commission is not allowed to disburse it.

Everyone agrees it was a drafting error. Remember, this is not more money, just moving the money from one year to another. The legislature attempted to fix the problem in the so-called Errors Bill, which normally sails through unopposed. Not this time. This is among the “undead” bills remaining for legislative action when and if the legislature comes back.

We need a special session, and we need this bill to pass. Candidates and voters from all parties have been relying on the Clean Elections program. We have three gubernatorial candidates already qualified, and now hundreds of legislative candidates have qualified, too. This funding was part of a bipartisan budget deal hammered out last year. There is no legitimate reason for House Republicans to renege on that deal now. You can find contact information here. Tell your representatives how much you want them to fix this problem.

Gun Safety

Gun Safety:
Democratic platform position: Supports responsible gun ownership in accordance with the 2nd amendment of the U.S.
Constitution and works to strengthen background checks for every firearm sale or transfer within the State of Maine.

Republican platform position: Defend the individual’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Maine and U.S. Constitutions;

My Position: I’m generally not in favor of regulations that limit an individual’s right to live free of unnecessary intrusion. That being said, we have a huge issue surrounding violence on a mass scale that we’ve not experienced in the past. To address the extreme violence means addressing a complex web of issues. I support measures that will to thwart this escalating violence without diminishing the rights of responsible gun owners.