My Campaign – Maine House District 130

Michael Reynolds

Vote for Change
Michael Reynolds for Change

Candidate for Maine Legislative District # 130

Bucksport and Orrington

On the morning of March 4, 2018 I had not thought of running for the Maine House of Representatives to represent the citizens of District 130.

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Then, in the afternoon while attending the Bucksport Democratic Caucus I learned that the republican candidate was running for reelection without any opposition. I really think that we voters of Bucksport and Orrington deserve to have a choice of who will represent our interests during the next 2 years in Augusta.

I received the support and encouragement of 100% of the Bucksport voters who attended the caucus. I was absolutely honored. Thus began this adventure in campaigning. I’ve a lot to learn and I’m finding many willing to offer advice and other support.

Please help me fund this campaign as a Maine Clean Election Candidate by making a one time contribution of just $5.00.  Go to:  click contribute and fill in the blanks. Select my name (Michael Reynolds) from the list when you get to that point.

Thank you for supporting Maine Clean Elections.  Money vs Democracy

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